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Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

Menambahkan Chat Toolbar

About our Blogger Chat Toolbar

blogger logoOur Blogger chat toolbar lets you add Envolve's rich online chat functionality to your blogger site in a few easy steps.

Installation Instructions

First, get your Envolve Javascript code
1. Log in to your Envolve account
2. Click the "My Sites" tab and select your site from the list.
3. Open the "Setup" tab on the left. Copy the code in the "Installation Code" box.
Now add the Envolve Javascript code to your site
1. Log into your account at Blogger.com.
2. Click the "Design" link for the blog you would like to add Envolve to.
3. Click 'Edit HTML' in the bar near the top.
4. Find the tag. It should be near the bottom of the HTML code.
5. Paste the code you selected earlier right above the tag.
6. Click "Save Template".
Now you can follow the link that says "View Blog". You're all done!

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Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Beri Makan Ikan-Ikan Ini..!

Anda dapat memberi makan ikan-ikan ini dengan cara: klik di dalam kolam di sekitar ikan-ikan ini..! Terimakasih bagi yg mau memberi makan ikan-ikan saya.

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